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Auto Baggersfor the Healthcare Industry

We recently met with a customer that manufactured a variety of complicated medical devices and healthcare parts. In the past, they had been packaging these items through a manual hand counting and loading process. This system took up a lot of time without providing great results it was inefficient, labor intensive, and errors occurred frequently.On top of all this, this manual packaging process was incredibly expensive due toescalating labor costs, which negated the primary reason to utilize hand counting and loadingin the first place. Because their packaging process was wasting so much time and money, this customer decided to reach out to us directly to see what kind of help we could offer. One of our incredibly knowledgeable packaging specialists worked with the company and determined thatpackaging linewith auto baggerscould be just the trick to solving their cost and labor problems.Theauto baggers eachcame equipped with a thermalprinterand an automatic scale.With the help of this piece of automatic packaging equipment, which was designed by Sharp,the manufacturer was able to utilize a fully automated process, which helped reduce labor hours and overall expenses.Take a look at the breakdown below!

The Dilemma

Our customer, a manufacturer of complicated medical devices, had previously been using a manual packaging process that was not just incredibly expensive, but also wasted labor hours and wasimmenselyinefficient.
  • Hand counting and hand loading systems took too much time
  • Labor hours were being wasted
  • Too many errors occurred
  • Highly expensive

The AutoBaggerSystem Solution

Our team helped thehealthcare partsmanufacturer find the idealauto baggerssystem that solved their problems. With it, they saw amazing increases in productivity and huge decreases in expenses.
  • Efficient, automatic packaging system
  • 45% decrease in labor costs
  • 25% increase in efficiency and productivity
  • Much better use of both time and resources

How Does It Work?

ThisSharpautomatedbagging system operates by puffing air into an open bag. The machine is equipped with an internal indicator that senses whether or not the bag has been opened, meaning no manual operation is required.After that, the machine is able to run continuous checks to ensure that each bag is open and properly fitted onto it. When no bag is present, theauto baggersystem will produce a new bag and continue operation on its own.It alsoprovidessettings that allow you to select a certain number of bags filled or checked before a person needs to step in. While running, these auto baggersautomatically keep track of how many bagsthey fill.Theycan even print directly onto each bag,which allowsthemedical device manufacturerto put their own stamporimportantproductinformation onto everybag that leaves their facility and travels to a customer.Through efficient, effective work and outstanding ROI, thismodern piece of packaging equipment has quickly become the standard for premiumauto baggers.

Results You Can Count On

By carefully scrutinizing each of our customers packaging needs, our team was able to implement an automatedair bag packaging solution that solvesa wide range of problems for their business. We assisted them in increasingproductivityby an incredible25%, while decreasing labor expenses by a whopping 45% at the same time. If your business is ready to get started on the same kinds of returns on your packaging line,contact ustodayor give us a call at 888-981-7973.

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