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The benefits & uses of dunnage bags

The Benefits & Uses Of Dunnage Bags

Dunnage bags, which can also often be known as dunnage air bags are an inflatable cushion used to protect goods while in shipment or transit. When it comes to discussing dunnage bags, they arent just your usual plastic bags. These bags can be constructed from different types of material, with paper, vinyl, and polywoven being the most commonly used in the packaging industry. Each dunnage bag is equipped with a bladder inside that can be inflated and deflated to the level you require. Dunnage bags are highly effective, cost-efficient tools for blocking and bracing entire pallets worth of products.

How Many Different Types of Dunnage Bags are There?

As discussed previously, dunnage bags can come in a variety of materials. Depend on the pe of products you sell; you can use a lightweight material or even tougher material to protect heavy items. Some of the most commonly used dunnage materials used for shipping packages are solid plastic bags. This kind of dunnage is used mostly in industrial, high-value shipping. Solid plastics are more expensive than other dunnage types but are worth the cost for high-value products that need protection. When it comes to discussing air pillows, they are mostly known to be an internal dunnage of protective packaging. Bubble wrap is one of the most common ways of shipping glass and other fragile products. This product is not only cost friendly, but it is recyclable, therefore it can be used time and time again. Air pillows can be deployed inside packages in order to keep items from sliding. These are often used as a gap filler to fill in missing space. Here are just a few reasons as to why dunnage bags are so great to use in the shipping industry.

  • Budget Friendly
  • Eco-friendly
  • Reusable
  • Highly effective

The Benefits of Dunnage Bags

Dunnage bags are not only used for in shipment and transit, but also to prevent damage to goods while they are being loaded, transported, and unloaded. They keep items from moving around while in transit, regardless of whether they are sent by rail, road, or sea. Dunnage air bags offer exceptional value and are more affordable than custom products. Many of them are also completely recyclable, making them an environmentally friendly alternative to other void filler options. In general, dunnage bags also protect goods and primary or secondary packaging from contamination and moisture. By protecting cargo from damage, dunnage helps improve customer relationships and allows for easier loading of fragile cargo. Dunnage braces a cargo load, secures items in place, absorbs any impacts when encountered and it can also eliminate any voids in shipping containers and vehicles. Due to their versatility, dunnage air bags provide an array of advantages that make them suitable for over the road shipments as well as other types of cargo transportation. Here are some of the main advantages:
  • Economical Dunnage air bags are a far more affordable alternative for blocking and bracing than various other methods, including void fillers and lumber or nails.
  • Optimal Strength These bags have an exceptional load stabilizing capacity and can withstand tons of resistance and pressure to load shifting.
  • Efficient Space Usage Dunnage bags also allow for better usage of the available container space.


Dunnage bags have a variety of uses and come in a wide range of materials. Feel free to call us at(800) 277- 7007 to find out more! We offer a large collection of packaging supplies with distribution centers around the nation. Well even include a free quote!

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