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WhatAre Dunnage Bags?

Dunnage bags, which are also frequently referred to as dunnage air bags or even just air bags, are an inflatable cushion used to brace palletized loads during shipment.These bags can be constructed from different types of material, with paper, vinyl, andpolywovenbeing the most common.Each dunnage bag is equipped with a bladder inside that be inflated and deflated as needed.They are highly effective, cost-efficient tools for blocking and bracing entire pallets worth of products throughout the entire supply chainprocess.

What is the Purpose of Dunnage Bags?

The reason dunnage air bags exist is pretty simple.When palletized loads are placed onto a truck or shipping container, the dunnage air bags are placed in between each pallet in order to control and prevent movement from those loads. They do so by absorbing impacts, filling empty voids, load bracing, and more. This helps to reduce damage during shipping and dunnage bags can beused in all modes of transportation, including rail, cargo ship, and truck.

Are Dunnage Air Bags New?

Dunnage bags are relatively new and perform better than any other cargo bracing method on the market. Before they became popular, shippers frequently used items like empty corrugated boxes,2 x 4s, or unused pallets to brace their loads instead. These generally lead to damaged products, especially if the loads contain fragileitems.

Why Should I Use Dunnage Bags?

Besides just reaping the benefits of protected cargo, youll also be using a cost-effective method for blocking and bracing. Lumber-based products like unused pallets cost more and could end up harming your valuable items. man in orange safety vest and yellow hard hat inflating dunnage bags between palletized cartons on back of truck

Do Shipping and Freight Companies Use Dunnage Bags?

In these industries, costs are constantlyrisingand conditions are always changing. Whether expenses come from insurance, fuel and vehicle maintenance, or something entirely different, freight companies are always seeking new and innovative ways to protect their bottom linesand boost their profits. Thankfully, dunnage bags are an effective, easy, and affordable solution to keep products safe and damage free. They provide the quality that customers around the globe expect without breaking thebank or wasting valuable labor hours.

Are Dunnage Bags Easy to Use?

Absolutely! One major benefit that comes along with the use of dunnage air bags is their simplicity of installation and operation.All your team needs to do is put the air bag in place between pallets and fill it up.Once theyre in the right spot,you wont need to put in very much effort at all. Let them do their work blocking and bracing, and then at the final destination, simply deflate the dunnage bags. Better yet, many can be reused multiple times for even more cost savings and ease of use.

Why is Blocking and Bracing So Important?

If your palletized loads are placed haphazardly into a shipping container or truck, you can try to position them in such a way that prevents shifting, but chances are high that at least some movement will occur. In just about every container configuration, there will be empty space left between loads. This is where dunnage air bags come into play. They absorb impacts and shocks in order to prevent load shifting while your products are on the road, railway, or at sea. Without them, your customers are more likely to receive damaged goods that they cant use, which eats away at your bottom line by way of product replacements and reships, as well as diminishing customer satisfaction.

What Causes Damage During Transit?

Most often, shipping damage is a result of skids bouncing against one another or products falling off their pallets. Dunnage bags prevent this by filling the empty void in your containers.

Is it Possible for Dunnage Bags to Break?paper dunnage bags placed between palletized loads of canisters in truck container

While they seem nearly perfect, dunnage air bags are not infallible.They can be coldburnedand, during inflation, your team will need to be careful not to overfill the air bags, as they can burst. All you need to do is check the label near the bags air valve to find the optimal pressure for your bag.Furthermore, its best practice to place corrugated or another smooth surface on either side of the dunnage air bag during transit to safeguard it against sharp angles and corners that can be found on pallets, wood crates, and other packaging materials.

How Do I Know What Size Dunnage Bag to Buy?

First, measure the length of your pallets or loads that need to be braced. Second, measure the distance between the floor and the top of the load. Third, measure the void left between pallets or other cargo. That should give you a good idea of the measurements of dunnage air bag youll need.

What Do I Need to Inflate a Dunnage Air Bag?

Youll need three things an air gauge, an inflator, and compressed air. There are a variety of different types of inflators available, including air compressors, rapid fill tools, hose and reels, and beyond.

The Advantages of Dunnage Bags

Overall, it is abundantly clear that dunnage air bags are a practical packaging solution that are easy to use and wont burst your budget. They help you minimize cargo damage and stop wasting labor hours, so theres no reason to wait.Contact our team todaysowe can assist you in finding the right dunnage bags for your business.

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