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Why use Cornerboard?

Protective packaging is the most ideal way to protect your products during storage or shipment. These products palletized freight from dents, strapping, stretch film, and other shipping and handling damage.

  • Protects edges of lumber, produce, metal parts, and other building materials.
  • Stabilizes roll stock.
  • Improves stack strength.
  • Worldwide export capabilities.

Industrial Cornerboard Use

  • Window Coverings
  • Metal Industry
  • Paper Industry
  • Construction Industry
  • Appliance Industry
  • Furniture Industry
  • Lighting Industry
  • Door Industry
  • Plastic Film Industry
Edge Protectors from Dunnage Direct

Edge protectors will keep your boxes from cuts, slices or rips which can be caused by strapping. By implementing plastic edge protectors to your boxes you will also gain improved stack-ability providing more space for storing or shipping boxes.

Protective Packaging Solutions

  • Standard cornerboard and angleboard with wide variety of sizes, widths, and custom printing available.
  • Moisture resistant cornerboard for use regardless of weather conditions.
  • Specialty cornerboard Protect-a-Coil, Protect-a-Board, Lay-Flat-Tubing, and Stackmaster.
  • Strap Protectors.

Standard Cornerboard

IPS cornerboard give greater protection to all products. The solid fiber construction gives additional protection from forklifts and dropping by absorbing the pressure over a large surface area. All IPS products are manufactured from recycled paper and are recyclable along with several other paper products. IPS's products are not limited to corner protection. Many of our customers find these products effective in interesting and unique ways. If you think your product can benefit by the use of our products, please contact us. We will work with you to make your shipments as damage-free as possible.

Benefits of using DD Products:

  • Improves stacking ability due to enhanced column strength
  • Provides superior container stabilization
  • Internal reinforcement for extra stacking strength
  • Protects products from damage caused by strapping
  • Protects edges of wood and other products from corner damage
  • Smooth edges enhance product appearance
  • Provides cost reduction through better yields
  • Outer surfaces can be printed with your logo, advertisement, or product identification
Custom Printed Cornerboard

Custom Angleboard Printing Options

We can also supply products with custom one-color print for as little as one pallet. For a Your protective packaging can display your company's identity, product logo, advertising message, special handling instructions, or product coding for a very low cost. Our high quality flexographic process ensures accurate color and sharp printing that creates a lasting impression.


Guidelines for Downgauging

  • Water-resistant Formaboard is made from a patented manufacturing process using plies of paper that are heat-bonded and formed into rigid right angles to create an exceptionally strong and dense product. This lightweight package protector is especially designed for unitization, and provides extra protection from strapping and stretch film.
  • FORMABOARD is a cost effective, high performance product especially used for unitization, stacking, and/or protection from strapping or stretch film.
  • FORMABOARD has a unique patented manufacturing process constructed of high strength plies of paper that are heat-bonded and formed into rigid right angles of exceptional strength.
  • FORMABOARD provides increased strength through its material composition which allows for a reduction of caliper and/or leg lengths from the standard open-edge product, without sacrificing performance.
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