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Air Bag Terms & Glossary

Below is a list of common terms that are often used to describe dunnage air bag products and types.

  • AR: Abrasion Resistant
  • SE: Sewn End
  • DEF: Double End Fold
  • MTO: Made To Order. Bags with 15 business day lead time and 500 piece minimum.
  • Stock or “A” Bag: Less than truck load order: 3 day Truck Load: 10 business days
  • LTL: Less Than Truck Load
  • TL: Truck Load / 20+ skids
  • OTR: Over The Road
  • TOFC / Piggyback: Trailer On Flat Car
  • OSC: Overseas Container
  • Pin Wheeling: Action to rotate a pallet in order to reduce the void
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