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Vinyl Dunnage Air Bags: The Fast Facts

Dunnage air bags are an important tool for anyone who ships their products by the truckload. When shipping via freight, these trucks are filled with pallets each of which isstacked full of valuable goodsthatmay be delicate or fragile.Most people who shipLTL or FTLare already aware of the many advantages provided by the versatile tools that are dunnage bags.There are a variety of options available on the market, including paper dunnage air bags,polywovendunnage bags, and more. One premium choice is vinyl dunnage air bags, but how much do you know about them? Let's learn the fast facts right here.

What You Need to Know About Vinyl Dunnage Air Bags

At Dunnage Direct, vinyl air bags are priced competitively and offer a wide range of benefits.One massive advantage is their ability to be reused an average of four times before theymust be thrown out. Additionally, when paired with our turbo inflation system, they can be filled in just a few seconds, which saves you thousandsof dollarsinreducedlabor hours over time.In the past, one problem that many dunnage air bag users have experienced is their inability to workproperlyat higher elevations, especiallyduringair travelor on trucks driving through mountainous regions. Vinyl air bags fill in the gaps (literally) where others fail. These powerful packaging materialshave elastic properties that allow them toexpand and contract along with temperature and altitude changes, meaning they wont fail when traveling over mountain ranges or in the back of a cargo plane.Thankfully, you wont even have to worry about over-inflation with vinyl dunnage bags. Theyre equipped with a safeguard that releases excess air when the bag reaches its ideal pressure. Vinyl air bags are fast to fill and deflate, as well as pliable and able to fill oddly shaped or oversized spaces between pallets.

Vinyl Dunnage Air Bags: The Key Featureshandheld inflator filling a yellow vinyl dunnage air bag placed between two corrugated boxes

  • Turbo flow valve
  • Ample surface coverage due to larger footprint
  • Equipped with flaps or two-sided tape for easy installation
  • Accessible center valve
  • Will expand and contract along with temperature and altitude changes
  • Cost effective and reusable
  • Fast inflation and deflation
  • Conform to many different cargo shapes
  • No puncturing required for deflation
  • Designed for maximum bracing
  • Can fill large voids between pallets
  • Will adhere to cargo and wont slip
  • Recyclable and industrial strength
  • Custom sizing available
  • Custom logoprintingand branding available

Let Us Prove It

When you work with Dunnage Direct, youll quickly find that we do much more than just talk the talk. Check out this premium example of how one of our customers saved 40% annually with the help of vinyl dunnage air bags. Before making the switch, this client was utilizing two separate types of dunnage bags and didnt understand how to properly use them. We showed them a better option that helped them save on expenses.

The Situation

  • The customer used two different sizes of air bags that were sourced from two separate suppliers
  • Neither type of air bag was reusable
  • Costs were high

Our Solution

We helped the client switch to a reusable vinyl dunnage bag that worked with multiple load sizes. The benefits?
  • The new air bags are reusable
  • Extra floor spaceis nowavailable in the warehouse
  • Costshave beendramatically reduced
  • Bagsarenow purchased from only one supplier
On average, this customeris able to reuse the vinyl dunnage bags three times before throwing them out. This, along with the additional floor space and saved labor hours, came out to a cost savings of 40% everysingleyear.With outstanding protection for your bottom line like that, its no wonder so many are making the switch.Contact us today at Dunnage Direct for all the information you needon finding vinyl dunnage air bags and other types ofdunnagebagsthat will improve your shipping process in more ways than one.

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